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Makino Roasted Peanuts (Each 150 gm) (Pack of 4) (Tandoori)

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The tasty flavours of Makino blend with the groundnuts of Gujarat to deliver a healthy and delicious snack. These tempting snacks cater to every craving and every mood across the nation.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Convenient Multi-Packs: Discover the convenience of our multi-packs of Roasted Peanuts, offering a satisfying and nutritious snacking option.

  • Premium Gujarat Groundnuts: Crafted from natural groundnuts sourced from Gujarat, ensuring the finest quality and authentic taste.

  • Nourishing Roasting: Savor the roasted goodness of our peanuts, offering a delightful and wholesome snacking experience without frying.

  • Gluten-Free Delight: Enjoy gluten-free snacking with our roasted peanuts, catering to dietary needs without compromising on flavor.

  • Protein and Fiber Boost: Indulge in the benefits of our roasted peanuts, high in protein and fiber, contributing to a satisfying and nourishing snack.

  • Non-GMO and MSG-Free: Embrace the quality of Non-GMO ingredients, free from MSG, supporting a more health-conscious snacking choice.

  • Zero Trans Fat and Cholesterol-Free: Relish the pure essence of our Roasted Peanuts, crafted without trans fat or cholesterol, ensuring a genuinely wholesome snacking experience.

Elevate your snacking journey with our Multi-Packs of Roasted Peanuts. With premium ingredients, protein-rich content, and health-conscious attributes, these peanuts redefine snacking while delivering a satisfying and nourishing crunch. Add these to your cart and embark on a flavorful and guilt-free snacking adventure!


Makino Roasted Peanuts (Each 150 gm) (Pack of 4) (Tandoori)

Makino Roasted Peanuts (Each 150 gm) (Pack of 4) (Tandoori)

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