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Take a step to experience a world of crunchy, delicious snacks with Makino's healthy corn snacks.

With Makino, the snack market is set to experience a new era by offering a variety of tasty snacks in tempting flavors.



Makino was founded with the thought of solving the problem of munching unhealthy snacks and hence the production of Makino, Nachos, Cornships and Corn Twist started.



Makino was introduced through GT, MT, HORECA, institutions, theaters, government canteens, railways, airports, and export markets, and then we were hit by Covid.



Despite being through a difficult time, we pushed ourselves to make up for everyone's mood and focused on our production



After all the struggle, we are finally available in 17,000+ retail stores, All Ecommerce and modern trade chains of India, 20+ Airports with 200+ distributors, and 15+ countries. We are a strong team of 150 people.

Har Mood Ke Liye Makino?

Belonging to a Gujarati family, our life revolved around food and business. We were persistent in doing business, but we were not sure what category we should invest in. We saw children in our families munching on potato chips and traditional namkeen with appealing packaging.

There is no doubt that these snacks are addictive, and people binge on them whenever they are hungry in between meals. They crave munching without even realizing the amount of fat it has and its effect on their health.

In India, consumers are broadening their concept toward western and new snacks. And thus, the group of Gujju brothers from Himmatnagar, a small town in Gujarat came up with the Makino to introduce snacks inspired by Mexico. People of all ages can enjoy Makino's mouth-watering snacks. And we intend to deliver low-fat and tasty snacks to lift everyone's mood.

Our Vision

We aim to set a new trend in the Indian snack market by making Makino a household brand in India. We want to replace traditional namkeen and potato chips with Makino Nachos & Nuts.

Our Core Values

Our core values are to include the essence of perfection in every task we do along with maintaining strong work ethics in all decision-making processes. We maintain autonomy in all departments to provide the best services and products to our valuable customers.

Our Infrastructure

Makino has installed the latest modern-day technology and machinery from the US and Germany possessing the capacity to produce 300 metric tons of Makino Chips and 70 metric tons of nuts per month.
Our facility is certified by ISO 22000:2018, FSSAI, HACCP, HALAL and US FDA which ensures a hygienic process of manufacturing Makino Chips. With advanced guard technology installed inside our manufacturing plant, we make sure each bite of your snacking experience is enhanced.

Safety is our priority

When it comes to our manufacturing unit; We always ensure the safety of our teammates who take care of transforming Corn or Nut into the delicious Makino Pack you consume.

We keep hygiene in check

Hygiene is the biggest issue in the food industry which we have considered seriously. We never compromise on hygiene at any cost. 

Certificates & Achievements

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